About us

The Wildling Rose was born out of a place of peace, acceptance and healing. A recognition of myself, of my truth, and the comfort I take in being uniquely me. It’s knowing I could spend the entire night in the bed of a truck staring out into the vastness of the universe but only if I’m sleeping on my satin pillowcase. It’s loving the breeze that caresses my face when I’m lazily jiggin’ a fly rod in my designer sunnies. I wish I lived on 100 acres with cows in the pasture and chickens in the yard but lord knows I’m not waking up at 5 am to do chores. I would kill to be a cowboy but let’s be real, I can’t pull off a boyfriend fit flannel. I’m boujee y’all and I don’t want to sacrifice what makes me extraordinary. I dreamt The Wildling Rose into existence for those of us captivated by the west. By the silence and the stars. By the horses, the hills, and the cowboy vibes. For those of us that dream of being a homesteader but who just can’t bring themselves to pee in the woods.